Support the Pueblo Relief Fund

Help get supplies to where they are needed.

In an effort to meet the most critical needs of the 20 Pueblo Nations during the COVID-19 crisis, the All Pueblo Council of Governors (APCG) and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC), have created and are administering a Pueblo Relief Fund.

The donations to the Pueblo Relief Fund will be used to immediately begin addressing supply and service needs of the Pueblos in order to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and lower the infection rate among tribal members. These needs include essential disinfecting supplies, personal protective equipment, and food distribution. APCG and IPCC will use the funds to immediately begin purchasing these essential items and delivering them to the Pueblos for distribution to tribal members.

"As the Pueblos are being impacted by COVID-19, we, as tribal leaders, continue working around the clock advocating for our communities’ needs and resources as it is our responsibility to protect the health and safety of our people. Our tribal communities are very tight-knit, and we have multigenerational housing within our Pueblos, so the immense scale of this pandemic has created intricate challenges in the delivery and expansion of preparedness resources to our tribal members. Now is a time where we have come together to support one another in this crisis, and appreciate any support that can be afforded to our communities as we collectively address this emergency.” 

– Chairman J. Michael Chavarria, All Pueblo Council of Governors

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a U.S. tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (tax ID 85-0232968). Your donation will be 100% tax deductible. Please be sure to consult your tax advisor regarding the federal tax treatment of this transaction. Questions? Learn more about we are meeting the needs of the community.

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The All Pueblo Council of Governors represents the leadership of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico and our sister pueblo, Ysleta del Sur in El Paso, Texas. The mission of APCG is to advocate, foster, protect, and encourage the social, cultural, and traditional well-being of Pueblo nations. Through its inherent and sovereign right, APCG promotes the language, health, and economic and educational advancement of all Pueblo people.


The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is owned and operated by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico. The IPCC serves as a hub for the 19 pueblos, and is an organization that supports the cultural, social, educational, and economic needs of Pueblo communities. The IPCC is a 501(c)(3) organization and will serve as the fiscal agent for the Pueblo Relief Fund.

More Information

The COVID-19 crisis has negatively impacted the Pueblos of New Mexico. Elders, day care centers, and individual tribal members are in urgent need of food and supplies. The Pueblos, nor the entities that serve them, have the financial reserves to deal with a crisis of this magnitude. 


The partnership of IPCC and APCG to create and administer The Pueblo Relief Fund is a fulfillment of each organization’s mission. The outreach of these two entities combined will ensure that the funding is used to help meet the most crucial needs of all New Mexico Pueblos during this COVID-19 crisis. 

How are your organizations meeting the critical needs of the community during the COVID-19 crisis?

Currently without funding, the two organizations have been serving as a hub for information for the Pueblos. For example, IPCC is keeping artisans informed of financial relief available to them, as well as planning programming to support artisans once the crisis has passed. APCG is serving to keep the Governors informed of all federal funding through stimulus and relief efforts that are available to assist the Pueblos in this time of economic devastation. 

How will you use the funds?

 The initial investment to The Pueblo Relief Fund will be used to immediately begin addressing supply and services needs on the Pueblos. 

There are urgent food needs on each of the Pueblos as access to grocery stores, etc. is limited and many Pueblo members are currently quarantined and cannot leave to buy supplies. Many artisans, hospitality workers, and others on the Pueblos are unemployed and need help feeding themselves and their families. The Pueblo Relief Fund would purchase essential food items and staff would deliver to the Pueblos for distribution. 

Additionally, the Pueblos are in desperate need of disinfectant supplies including Lysol, Clorox Wipes, hand sanitizers, soap, and masks. These items are needed to help stop the infection rate and ensure the safety of tribal members. Funding will be used to purchase and deliver these items to the Pueblos using the combined buying power of IPCC and APCG. 

Other needs identified by the Pueblos can also be meet through The Pueblo Relief Fund. This gives each Pueblo the flexibility to make requests immediately to meet their most critical needs. While many of the Pueblos share the same needs, individual Pueblos may have needs unique to their situation. 

Why do you need the funds?

As outlined above, the Pueblos of New Mexico are suffering due to the COVID-19 crisis. There are very limited funding streams to help meet those needs. Neither IPCC nor APCG have funds that can be allocated to this effort, yet each entity is dedicated to using this funding to serve the most critical needs of the Pueblos. 

Both IPCC and APCG will begin extensive outreach in an effort to gain additional donations to address critical needs. The initial funder of the Pueblo Relief Fund would be given full credit on all social media campaigns, press releases, and the IPCC and APCG websites. Having a private sector partner helping us start this fund will enhance fundraising efforts, as well as raising awareness of how COVID-19 has negatively impacted the Pueblos of New Mexico. 

It is the intent of IPCC and APCG to maintain this fund for future fundraising efforts in the unfortunate event any or all Pueblos suffers another emergency and needs immediate assistance. An investment in The Pueblo Relief Fund is an investment in the health and vitality of all the Pueblos of New Mexico.